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You Are Everything

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You Are Everything is a self-help print from our Meditations collection. Expand and encourage your mindfulness practice by placing this card wherever you need a gentle reminder.


Everything in the universe is connected by our shared origin in the Big Bang. Many wisdom traditions embrace this truth through visualization practices. Consider the Tibetan Buddhist meditation instruction: "body like a mountain, breath like the wind, mind like the sky." Experiencing this union is transformational. You are no longer stuck in self-centered smallness. You become vast and free.

Try this: While meditating, visualize yourself as a mountain. Watch the seasons change as various creatures come and go. Eventually, expand your practice so that you become other symbols, like the sky, sun, or a flower. Recognize that you are continually changing, that you have the potential to become everything there is.


3.5" x 5" self-help print.