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Lenticular Postcards

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Nothing is permanent. Everything changes. Open your third eye to infinite perspectives with this collection of three lenticular cards. Also sold individually.

Eyes + Shine
Solar deities representing balance, harmony, and knowledge appear in countless mythologies — from the Shinto goddess Amaterasu to the Greek and Roman god Apollo. Gaze upon this classic motif, do a Sun Salutation, or visualize light flowing through your body, and awaken your whole being.

Half + Have
Is the glass half empty or half full? Or is it amazing that we have a glass at all? Have a drink and reflect on the clear, flavorless, glass vessel in your hand. Cultivate gratitude by considering the centuries of ingenuity embodied in such a simple object.

Me + Myself + Eye
Everyone experiences happiness, sadness, and indifference. Rethink your relationship with these feelings. True happiness is not the pure pursuit of pleasure. It is embracing a full range of emotional states.


Set of three 4" x 6" lenticular greeting cards.