Task Cards

Task Cards

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Organizational Tool   |   4.25 x 5.5 inches   |   1  Colour Risograph Print  |   25 cards


Use these nifty task cards to help keep track of all your projects and upcoming deadlines. Specify types of tasks by colour coding them with the five assigned colours. With sections to specify the type of task, deadline, estimated time required, first step / starting trigger, and a checkbox for whether it requires collaboration/delegation and to whom.

We like to use the following formula here at Paper Pusher:

1. Write down every task and deadline using action words. 
2. Spread them out on a big table to get an overview. 
3. Arrange from left to write by importance and timeline. 
4. Tape them to sheets of paper that represent one week blocks. 
5. Use a bulldog clip to hold those sheets of organized task cards in your studio, or office, and stay organized!

Jp King is a writer and relational, investigative publisher from Toronto, whose works explore contemporary mythology, masculinity, garbage, and collective activity. His obsession with paper manifests itself in collage, installation, murals, and multiples. When the timing is right he plays the role of designer, editor, residency coordinator, and conversational facilitator.

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