i cannot pretend to be a ghost today

i cannot pretend to be a ghost today

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Bookwork   |   4 x 6 inches   |   3    Colour Risograph Print  |   Soy-Based Ink   |    Edition of 100


"I told her someone had pinned some notes
to the insides of my eyelids. She asked me who would do that.
I had some ideas on the subject."

The world is changing in ways that only children understand. Floods come and go in the blink of an eye and tin can phones call out warnings and fall from the sky. In the alleyways magicians pull ghosts out of hats, while policemen climb over fences, out of the drains, and airplanes are carefully folded notes left all over the place. There is a steamboat in the backyard and one day it will die. Life, as it is known in i cannot pretend to be a ghost today, is a domestic storm brewing within the careful vocabulary that Fletcher takes for rides around the house, down the hallway, and into the kitchen.

Sasha Fletcher is the author of the novella WHEN ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED MARCHING BANDS WILL FILL THE STREET AND WE WILL NOT HEAR THEM BECAUSE WE WILL BE UPSTAIRS IN THE CLOUDS [ml press 2010]. This is his second chapbook. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and received his MFA in poetry from Columbia University in the city of New York.