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Bookwork   |   4 x 6 inches   |   3  Colour Risograph Print  |   100% Recycled Kraft Paper   |   Ed. of 100


"After loitering in peeling hands, and resting
in piles of black eyes, Fatima harvested the language
of paper boats, and manufactured her own smile."

Revealing a surreal sense of personal history, these short poems collage together confessions of emotional apex. Odd, unsettling, and strange activities occur next to romantic, tender, and loving acts. A curious linguistic discomfort arises from these imaginative bursts that the author divines from a higher natural power, from a muse named Fatima. Selected from an ongoing writing project, these texts are a preview of a larger body of work that gestures towards the family that one is given and the family that one chooses.

Born in 1986 in San Jose, Costa Rica, collage artist Alan Ganev has been calling Montreal home for several years. His various collaborations take him from magazine to museum, and he is the co-founder of CEASE Collective, a non-profit organization in Montreal that diffuses art through events & initiatives.

See more at www.alanganev.com.