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Bookwork   |   5.25 x 7.75 inches   |   2  Colour Risograph Print  |   Soy-Based Ink   |    Mixed Paper Stocks


"Let the reader not be shocked by this mixture
of the grave and the gay; let him rather reflect that
there is a sort of grandeur in all follies." - Baudelaire

A dandy is an effeminate man. A Dan-D-Noser is a tool used by taxidermists to create the appearance of a live deer's nose. This book presents a playful proposal for a more nuanced understanding of masculinity by examining the overlap between the culture of the dandy and that of the Dan-D. Herein, the macho activity of taxidermy is revealed as a form of male crafting that shares with the dandy a fascination with beauty, pride, and mortality.

Kirsten McCrea is a Canadian artist whose work explores cultural memory, looking at pop vs. underground culture, the media, and popular mythologies. Primarily a painter, she is also the founder and editor of Papirmass. Her paintings have been exhibited internationally and her patterned drawings can be found on notebooks and apparel in stores around the world.

See more at hellokirsten.com and papirmass.com.

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