Founded in 2008 by the Toronto-based artist-researcher-educator JP King, Paper Pusher is a print and publishing laboratory, and home to King's personal projects and products.

JP King in Floral Suit and Bowtie by Mike Kuby

Paper Pusher designs, develops, and distributes lovingly hand-made, defiantly limited-edition, and radically direct-to-reader books, prints, and paper goods. Many of the products are produced in collaboration with a range of artists and authors. 

Paper Pusher’s publishing division offers an edgy, amusing line of postcards, planners, stationery, office signs, and pre-printed templates for self-discovery and creative exploration. All Paper Pusher products celebrate the distinctive value and tactile pleasure of print.

Work/Play by Sam Dubeau for Papirmass Risograph Gold Ink WORK/PLAY print by Sam Dubeau

As one of the first artist-run Risograph studios, Paper Pusher is more than just a printer/publisher. Over the years, it has been a publication laboratory, communication research center, and living classroom. Between 2010 – 2016, Paper Pusher worked directly with many notable clients to push the boundaries of what could be done using the unique Risograph process. Currently, the studio is focused entirely on internally-generated projects and not taking commissions.  

JP King in Paper Pusher Studio, shot by Worker Bee Supply

Through the educational work of JP King, Paper Pusher, as a print-culture advocacy organization, is a reminder of the unique, positive, and historically significant impact that printed materials continue to have on the accumulation of knowledge, the distribution of authority, and the evolution of both art and literature.

JP King and Kirsten McCrea in Paper Pusher Papirmass Studio
JP King & Kirsten McCrea, shot by Worker Bee Supply

Paper Pusher filters and amplifies an eclectic range of content that immediately reflects the diverse interests of JP King. Through purpose-driven, format-busting prints and publications, Paper Pusher’s product line samples the worlds of art and poetics, design and consumer culture, disposal behaviour and discarded matter, practice-based research and making/thinking, personal wellness and self-discovery, organization and productivity.

2017 Isometric Risograph Calendar JP King Paper Pusher2017 Isometric Risograph Calendar

Every year since 2012, Paper Pusher has released its internationally renowned Isometric Calendar, garnering the media attention of Fast Company, Design Milk, For Print Only, Booooooom, and The Jealous Curator, amongst others. The success of the Calendar has directly supported Paper Pusher’s more obscure and esoteric offerings and has helped JP King in his pursuit of balancing the commercially viable with the culturally relevant.

In 2014, JP King and his wife, Kirsten McCrea, joined forces and merged the efforts of Paper Pusher  with Papirmass, a monthly print subscription service that delivers unique artworks, interviews, and activities to subscribers all over the world. If you like Paper Pusher, you’ll love Papirmass. Have a look here

Matchbox Birds by JP King