2016 Isometric Risograph Calendar

Jp King

2016 Isometric Risograph Calendar
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7 x 12 inches   |   3 Colour Risograph Print  |   Soy-Based Ink   |    100% Recycled Kraft paper
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These calendars stand out in any home, office, or studio with their perfect combination of Fluorescent Pink, Blue, and Yellow soy-based inks, and printed on a 100% recycled Oatmeal-Kraft paper with a tactile vellum finish.

"This calendar showcases Risograph printing through an exploration of overprinting, halftones, and fluorescent inks on craft paper. Jp King designed the mid-century-esque, utopian geometric graphics with two goals in mind: imagined depth on a two dimensional surface and accentuate the inherently retro feel of risography. The finished piece is a fine sample of what can be achieved with this printing method."


Jp King is a transdisciplinary artist, writer, and designer. He is moments away from completing his MFA at OCAD U in Toronto, where he and his wife, Kirsten McCrea, run Papirmass, an art print subscription service.

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