2014 Risograph Calendar

Jp King

paper pusher risograph isometric calendar 2014
  • $20.00

7 x 12 inches 

Printing: 3 colour Risograph

Edition of 900

64 grams

100% Recycled Kraft

Year: 2013

"If you don't think that the world will end this year and you're planning to know one day from the next, this simple paper-based object of utility could be not only handy, but elegant and inspiring."

"This calendar showcases Risograph printing through an exploration of overprinting, halftones, and fluorescent inks on craft paper. Jp King designed the mid-century-esque, utopian geometric graphics with two goals in mind: imagined depth on a two dimensional surface and accentuate the inherently retro feel of risography. The finished piece is a fine sample of what can be achieved with this printing method."


Jp King is a writer and relational, investigative publisher from Toronto, whose works explore contemporary mythology, masculinity, garbage, and collective activity. His obsession with paper manifests itself in collage, installation, murals, and multiples. When the timing is right he plays the role of designer, editor, residency coordinator, and conversational facilitator. 

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